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Rental Conditions

For the driver:

  • The tenant must have a valid passport and B category driving license. Also the driver's record should not be less than 2 years and the driver must be at least 21-year-old.
  • Oil, water levels, tire air pressure must be controlled by the tenant each time he or she fuel the vehicle tank or begins new day of travel.
  • If the tenant has committed a road traffic or other violations it is his responsability even after returning the car.
  • If you notice any car damage while travelind, you must immediately inform us about it.


  • The day begins to run from the date and hour specified in the contract. The lease agreement comes in to force when the tenant pays the reservation fee, which guarantees that the tenant will not transfer  the car to anyone else and will not use it otherwise.
  • Transfer of the vehicle is committed when the tenant pais the rent and £ 800 franchise fee. When returning the car clean, without defects, with a full fuel tank, the franchise fee shall be refunded to the lessee.

Required documentation:

  • Renting a car, the customer submits his or her passport and a valid driver's license, these copies are added to the original.

Required documents for legal persons:

  • The tenant must provide the company's registration certificate and it’s copy also company authorized to personal data and driver's license.


  • Tenants are allowed to travel with a car abroad. The lessor  undertakes to issue a green card - the civil liability insurance. The lessee must ensure that the state he wants to visit is in the list of green card - Liability Insurance. Otherwise, the tenant has to insurance at his own expense.
  • The tenant must return the car with clean interior and exterior, as it was at the beginning of the lease.
  • All insured minibuses have 24 hours  Technical roadside assistance insurance in Lithuania and Western Europe. Roadside assistance covers such areas as: transportation, fuel delivery, and the return trip back extension, accommodation, etc.
  • CASK insurance included in the rental price is valid throughout geographical Europe.
  • Transporting animals, and smoking  in the vehicle is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not drive a car to countries outside the European Union.